The Real Story on Facebook Policy Changes!

After seeing many friends, colleagues, and clients posting the Channel 13 jargon on their page prohibiting Facebook from sharing their information and data, I decided to blog about it. It seems that many of my friends are worried about their Facebook privacy so here are few tips for you regarding Facebook privacy. These tips will help protect your Facebook page from getting hacked which is really the threat to be worried about. If someone was to hack your personal account they could easily make themselves an admin of your business page and then make themselves the lone admin leaving you out in the cold!

This scare is from an announcement that Facebook released in November about privacy notice changes to take effect on January 1, 2015. Most of the policies are still the same. As I was reviewed the privacy policy changes I noticed not much is changing. If anything, Facebook is just being clearer on terms that were already agreed upon when you signed up for your Facebook account.

Here is what hasn’t changed:

  • The way Facebook shares your content and information
  • Page Terms
  • Registration requirements
  • Account security options
  • Protection of other people’s rights
  • Safety
  • Advertising terms


Here are the changes:

One of the biggest changes is Facebook has now made their Privacy Terms easier to understand. Facebook has also added all of their products and features to their Facebook Services Terms. In their Cookies Terms, Facebook lays out exactly how they will use cookies or tracking pixels to allow you to make purchases directly from your phone and charge it to your cell phone bill! This is only affects you if you choose to make purchase through your cell phone. Basically a provider may use a pixel to collect information about your phone and only if you decide to make a purchase, Facebook will bill you through your cell phone bill. This is a change to the tracking cookies, but you’re only affected if you choose to buy things with your phone.

Now let’s talk about the big change that has caused all the turmoil on Facebook, Facebook’s new Data Policy caused people to place the “I don’t allow you Facebook, to use my information.” As with most internet hoaxes the biggest scare isn’t really that big of a deal. What Facebook has done is simply spell out a little more clearly what they have been doing all along. So the policy you agreed to when you sign up for your FREE Facebook account stated; you allowed Facebook to collect data on your wear a bouts by only mentioning GPS or “other location information.” The policy now states that they may collect your data through GPS, WIFI, and Bluetooth signals. WIFI and Bluetooth were currently covered under “other location information.” This information is collected so that they can push ads and notifications to your mobile phone based on your location. If you remember, in April, Facebook rolled out their “Friends Nearby” feature that you had to opt in and agree to allow Facebook to collect you phones location. If you are upset or worried about Facebook collecting this data, turn off your GPS location setting, WIFI and Bluetooth.

Personally, I would be more concerned about an ill intended person hacking your Facebook page over whether Mark Zuckerberg is tracking my Starbucks runs. So I have included a nice bonus of a few things you can do to protect your Facebook Page.

About Admins

First of all you need to assign at least two page admins to your page. So if you lose access to your Facebook account, the other admin can still manage all aspects of your business Facebook page. Make sure you assign someone you can really trust, because they can remove you as an admin at any time and take over your page!

Log In Alerts
If you are concerned about security you can turn on login notifications / alerts. This feature will notify you immediately if someone logs into your account from an unknown browser or device. If this should happen you will receive a notification from Facebook as soon as they login to your account!

Secure Login Codes

One of Facebook’s added features takes your log in security a step further. By turning on a feature known as approvals, you must receive a special log in code via text message before you can log into your Facebook page. This option prevents a hacker from logging into your Facebook page, unless he also stole your cell phone he cannot login to your Facebook account without receiving a special login code (sent to your mobile phone via text message).

If you don’t like Facebook’s policies and procedures your only recourse is to close and delete your account.  When you choose to enter the world of Social Media, nothing is ever completely private or secure. You need to be cautious of what you post and share because once it is out there you can’t get it back. Never post anything on your personal or business Facebook page you would not want your worst enemy or your strongest competition to know about you or your business. Because they are watching your pages, I guarantee it!