That Doesn’t Suck…Is not a compliment!

“That Doesn’t Suck” is not a compliment. Believe it or not I actually heard a manager use this statement. As a leader or a manager it is your job to build up your employees and subordinates. People will work to the potential that is expected of them. I always prided myself as a manager that I was willing to roll up my sleeves and jump in the trench alongside my employees. This will gain you respect as a manager or boss faster than any other action.

Screaming or yelling does not solve anything. This is true in your personal and business life. Last time I checked we all make mistakes. According to John Wooden who as a coach won 10 NCAA Championships,   “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.”  Mistakes are learning opportunities…not opportunities to ball out an employee.

There is a golden rule in management that all leaders should live by and that is “Praise in Public and Reprimand in Private.”  It is never acceptable to yell at an employee in public.  If you are a manager or boss don’t ever underestimate the power of simply telling an employee “Good Job”, or “Thank You”. You will be surprised how far a sincere compliment will go in building loyalty with your employees.

I know a manager whose I admire greatly and has been a mentor to me for almost 40 years. He recently retired and boosts in all his years in management he has never fired anyone. When you ask him how he accomplished this amazing feat he will tell you; whenever an employee made a mistake or broke the rules he would sit them down and explain what was expected of them in the position they were in and then give them the opportunity to change their action. If they failed to make the changes that he required he would give them a few days off work and tell them. If you want to change your habits you may return after your suspension. If you don’t want to change don’t bother coming back. He simply allowed them to make the choice for themselves. He was widely respected by his subordinates because he told them what was expected of them and held them to that standard

If you are a manager and you find yourself complaining that there are no good employees out there….Your wrong they are out there… They are just not working for you. I challenge you to ask yourself, why is that?