White River Business Specialists work with top website developers to create websites for our clients that are functional, easy to use and that look good too!  You can have a beautiful looking site that does not work or a working site with outdated information or a site that is too complicated for you to update.  All of these scenarios cost you money!  We work with a client to build the perfect site for your business.

Our Website Building Process

1.  Meet with you to outline your needs for a website.

2.  Your White River Business Specialists’ representative will work with our website developers to bring you a plan for your new site, including all costs associated with building your site.

3.  Together we will finalize your website page map.

4.  Write content and create graphics for your site.

5.  Review your new website.

6.  Time to go LIVE!

The cost and length of time needed to create your perfect website differs for each client.  We do not give you unrealistic expectations and don’t quote building time or prices before meeting #1!

Website references available upon request.

For more information on the services offered by White River Business Specialists contact us today.