The new frontier of internet marketing is upon us, Next Generation Behavioral Targeting, Contextual Targeting, Website Retargeting, and Mobile Geo Fencing. At White River Business we assist companies to improve sales productivity by enabling sales and marketing to be more agile, more social, more intelligent and more connected than ever before. It’s the next generation of marketing automation and sales effectiveness solutions that includes an effective feature set to create amazing track able results!

Next Generation Behavioral Targeting

NGBT is the advancement of evidence based online behavior. Rather than inferring user behavior, proprietary partnerships with thousands of website search engines allow us the ability to see the actual interactions of people as they happen. These interactions allow us another layer of knowledge about a specific user.

We then target the users whose online behaviors match the objectives of your marketing campaign, with the ability to serve ads to the user within one minute of the search taking place. If Suzy goes on line a searches for a new book. We would follow Suzy and when she visits people magazine on line we would place an ad in front of Suzy for the book she was looking to purchase on Amazon.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual targeting is all about content. This powerful marketing avenue takes into account the exact web article a particular person is reading and displays your messaging next to it. Whereas NGBT takes into account a specific keyword you have searched and we follow you based on pervious behaviors. Contextual is displaying an ad based on the page you are viewing not necessarily your specific behavior. If someone was searching to buy a new pickup truck we could associate pickup trucks with country music and show them an ad for a country music concert or if a specific person was reading an article about home improvement we would show them and ad for a new tool.

Website Re-Targeting

Website retargeting is a little more straightforward. Suzy visits your website and then leaves without making a purchase. We place a tracking pixel on Suzy’s computer. Later when Suzy is reading the news on her favorite news site, we place an ad in front of Suzy inviting her back to make a purchase or reminding her about your service.

Mobile Geo Fencing 

Over 60 percent of searches are performed on mobile devices like tablets, smartphone, and IPhones’. We select geo graphic locations based on your targeted marketing area and place a geo fence around that area. If someone is playing a game, using an app, or searching the internet within our targeted area geo fence, we can place ads on their screen to drive them to your website to make a purchase.