Social media management for your business should not be left to the receptionist or an employee’s teenage child.  Social media channels can mean big business by maintaining an ongoing relationship with your customers and creating urgency to buy your product or services now.  Social media also adds relevancy to your website SEO.  At White River Business Specialists our professionals can create Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts, create engaging and unique content, manage and increase likes per page.  One important key to social media management is analyzing and managing social media advertising.  It’s not just enough to make a post on your business’ page.  It’s a full time job keeping up with changing algorithms and following the trends of your average user.

Like all marketing, social media decisions should be based on research.  Fully utilizing social media insights help narrow down the best posts that will reach the most fans.  It’s not just enough to have the most “likes” or “followers,” you must also engage your fans. Social media is a conversation, which is what sets this form of marketing apart from everything else.

When choosing the best social media for our clients we look at your customer demographics to most effectively and efficiently reach your desired goal.  Not all social media channels are perfect for all businesses.  White River Business Specialists will evaluate Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to choose the best avenues to become friends with your customers.  If your business already has exciting social media channels we can become the administrators of those profiles to take your presence in crowded social media world to the next level.

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