Marketing Management

White River Business Specialists Marketing ServicesSuccessful marketing with a small budget or large budget has one thing in common, the dollars where efficiently and effectively spent.  White River Business Specialists will make your marketing dollars go further by creating a marketing plan, including brand analysis, advertising campaign ideas and analyzing what is currently working or what should change.  We will manage your budget, including art direction and ad placement, creating newsletters and other public relations tools.

Marketing for any company no matter the size is a full-time job all by itself.  White River Business Specialists will help you increase your brand awareness, all while watching your bottom line.  When you work with White River Business Specialists we look at all your advertising; from print to TV, your website to social media, public relations and even your customer service to gain a complete vision of where your business is and where you want it to go.


Public Relations

Public Relations ServicesThere are free advertising opportunities just waiting for your business, let’s go get them.  Our media specialists will find the hook your business can grab and pitch to press outlets.  White River Business Specialists can create and send press releases, leverage free media opportunities, be a spokesperson for your business.

Public relations does not always mean favorable press.  In times of negative press or even crisis White River Business Specialists are ready to respond on your behalf and keep a bad situation from getting worse, including managing your social media.

Special Event Production

Grand Opening CelebrationThe owners of White River Business Specialists have years of experience producing and marketing events in nearly every genre and size.  Product promotions to sporting events, fundraisers to trade shows White River Business Specialists are your event professionals.  Our event services include: event creation, event production from beginning to end, event sponsorship / partnership creation, sponsorship sales, event marketing and on-site management.