Online Content Marketing

A web presence is a must for all businesses in today’s market place.  We can create relevant website content to improve Search Engine Optimization, create blog content, monitor SEO and website analytics to drive content that gets results. For More Information Click Here.

Marketing Management

Successful marketing with a small budget or large budget has one thing in common, the dollars where efficiently and effectively spent.  White River Business Specialists will make your marketing dollars go further by creating a marketing plan, including brand analysis, advertising campaign ideas and analyzing what is currently working or what should change.  We will manage your budget, including art direction and ad placement, creating newsletters and other public relations tools. For More Information Click Here.

Social Media Management

Social media management for your business should not be left to the receptionist or an employee’s teenage child.  Social media channels can mean big business by maintaining an ongoing relationship with your customers and creating urgency to buy your product or services now.  Social media also adds relevancy to your website SEO.  At White River Business Specialists our professionals can create Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts, create engaging and unique content, manage and increase likes per page.  One important key to social media management is analyzing and managing social media advertising.  It’s not just enough to make a post on your business’ page.  It’s a full time job keeping up with changing algorithms and following the trends of your average user. For More Information Click Here.

Public Relations

There are free advertising opportunities just waiting for your business, let’s go get them.  Our media specialists will find the hook your business can grab and pitch to press outlets.  White River Business Specialists can create and send press releases, leverage free media opportunities, be a spokesperson for your business.  Public relations does not always mean favorable press.  In times of negative press or even crisis White River Business Specialists are ready to respond on your behalf and keep a bad situation from getting worse. For More Information Click Here.

Website Design

White River Business Specialists work with top website developers to create websites for our clients that are functional, easy to use and that look good too!  You can have a beautiful looking site that does not work or a working site with outdated information or a site that is too complicated for you to update.  All of these scenarios cost you money!  We work with a client to build the perfect site for your business. For More Information Click Here.

Special Event Production

The owners of White River Business Specialists have years of experience producing and marketing events in nearly every genre and size.  Product promotions to sporting events, fundraisers to trade shows White River Business Specialists are your event professionals.  Our event services include: event creation, event production from beginning to end, event sponsorship / partnership creation, sponsorship sales, event marketing and on-site management.

Business Training and Consultation

Gordon Weathers, a proven leader in the business management can help your staff meet new goals to take your business to the next level.

Sales Team Management

  • Meet with staff on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Work individually with staff
  • Create sales goals
  • Create motivation tools
  • Teach your staff how to not just close the sale but keep the customer coming back

Leadership Training

  • Meet with an entire team or individuals
  • Access current leadership levels
  • Create reward / motivation tools
  • Teach staff how to retain the best employees
  • Teach staff how to train / motivate or move out underperforming employees

Ladona Weathers has become a sought after expert in the area of customer service.  Her workshops on customer service have helped hundreds of businesses think about service in a new way and with a new importance.  Customer service workshops are available for mixed groups of businesses or to work one-on-one with a business.  Customer service training can be designed as a one-time session or on an on-going basis.  When working directly with a business, secret shopping services are also included in the customer service training.

Customer Service Training

  • Unique material specific to your business or industry
  • Solve real-life problems
  • Teach employees to plan for problems
  • Employees work on how to communication with customers effectively

Secret Shopping

  • Unique and custom program created for each business
  • Phone and in-person shopping conducted
  • Work with management to create what service is to be measured
  • Work with management on how to motivate employees to improve


The new frontier of internet marketing is upon us, Next Generation Behavioral Targeting, Contextual Targeting, Website Retargeting, and Mobile Geo Fencing. At White River Business we assist companies to improve sales productivity by enabling sales and marketing to be more agile, more social, more intelligent and more connected than ever before. It’s the next generation of marketing automation and sales effectiveness solutions that includes an effective feature set to create amazing track able results!  For More Information Click Here.


Would you like to learn more about how one of White River Business Specialists’ trainings or other services could benefit your business?  Contact us today!