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White River Business Specialists’ owners Gordon & Ladona Weathers recently were invited to sit down with Earls Broadcasting Talking Business hosts Greg Slavik and Steve Willoughby.  Gordon and Ladona shared how they make their husband & wife business partnership work.  The Weathers also gave insights on website marketing and tips for search engine optimization.



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What exactly is Periscope you ask? It’s your view of the world live to the world!

Periscope In mid-March Twitter launched their new social media platform Periscope. It was a slow beginning but after 4 months it seems to really be taking off. A month ago I thought Periscope was another MySpace, Google Hangout, or MSN Messenger. When Meerkat a similar platform was launch as SXSW in was launched, Twitter quickly purchased its rival Periscope for just under 100 million dollars. Twitter’s first attempt at video was vines that took off quickly with the younger generation and quickly fizzled out. Periscope however has caught the eye of the business community.

This emerging platform now has businesses and retailers scrambling on how to promote their companies and drive sales. If by this point your now wondering what exactly is Periscope is a social media app that allows you to stream video live around the world to your followers and strangers from around the world from your phone or tablet. Periscope allows viewers to interact with broadcasters by text and send them hearts for an enjoyable broadcast. As of last month it in now available on IOS (apple) and Android as a free download. With over 3 million broadcasters and growing Periscope may just be here to stay.

Some helpful hints for Periscope “your view of the world”

  1. Since it is a Twitter product you can log into Periscope with your twitter account and password. You can them share you live feed with all your Twitter followers.
  2. Before you begin your broadcast you must give it a name. Your broadcast name and topic is what people will see it by and decide whether to watch your live video feed.
  3. Once your begin broadcasting you can switch from your rear to front camera of your device by double tapping the screen.
  4. Your videos will remain visible as a replay for your followers for 24 hours and then disappear forever. You do have the option of saving your video to your camera roll and you can them upload to apps like Facebook and YouTube.
  5. If you think this is the new place to see nude videos you’re in the wrong app. When Periscope first emerged I was sure it would turn into the next video Chat Roulette. Surprisingly Twitter is closely watching video content. They no doubt have their handful policing video. The users of Periscope are very similar to Instagram users who managed to keep Instagram for the most part porn free. I have not seen any pornographic activity however I have seen a number of church rebroadcast.
  6. Location Sharing. Many are concerned about a privacy issue and Periscope gives you the option to turn on location sharing. It automatically defaults to off so if you are a business and shooting a video to get people to attend your event you will want to turn on Location Sharing. You will see the option when you are setting up your broadcast.

Is Periscope here to stay? I think the jury is still out but I can tell you it is the most hopeful new Social Media Platform I have seen in some time. Plus With Twitter spending just shy of $100 million dollars I would say they need to make it go “VIRAL” as they say.

Who knows this could be a game changer in how news is broadcast. Anyone anywhere can now become a live news reporter and broadcast live from the scene. Celebrities are now joining the Periscope phenomenon. I just watched a video of @TomGreen  walking in Hollywood with David  Faustino the young son from Married With Children and sees  Keith Richards walking down the street.


If your curious download the app Periscope, sign up for an account or log in with your twitter account and make sure you follow me  @SaleSuperHero. Some of my friends I suggest following are @KarenBest (She is the Mayor of Branson Missouri),  @BransonMill, and Branson’s Country music star who’s single Good Show just entered the Top 40 @JasonPritchett. If you are not ready to commit and want to see Periscope live videos without the commitment you can view them at Don’t be scared the water is fine jump on in!


Check out our blog at for our coming blog on how businesses can use Periscope!  #PeriscopeDown