Business Training

An outside expert can provide valuable insight into your business.  Our consultants can look at specific areas of your business such as sales, leadership or customer service.  We will evaluate, build an action plan and train your staff to reach a new potential they may never have dreamed of.  If you prefer a whole-business approach our experts will spend time in every aspect of your business looking for strengths and weaknesses and working with you to increase your company’s profitability.

Business Training and Consultation

Gordon Weathers, a proven leader in the business management can help your staff meet new goals to take your business to the next level.

Sales Team Management

  • Meet with staff on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Work individually with staff
  • Create sales goals
  • Create motivation tools
  • Teach your staff how to not just close the sale but keep the customer coming back

Leadership Training

  • Meet with an entire team or individuals
  • Access current leadership levels
  • Create reward / motivation tools
  • Teach staff how to retain the best employees
  • Teach staff how to train / motivate or move out underperforming employees

Ladona Weathers has become a sought after expert in the area of customer service.  Her workshops on customer service have helped hundreds of businesses think about service in a new way and with a new importance.  Customer service workshops are available for mixed groups of businesses or to work one-on-one with a business.  Customer service training can be designed as a one-time session or on an on-going basis.  When working directly with a business, secret shopping services are also included in the customer service training.

Customer Service Training

  • Unique material specific to your business or industry
  • Solve real-life problems
  • Teach employees to plan for problems
  • Employees work on how to communication with customers effectively

Secret Shopping

  • Unique and custom program created for each business
  • Phone and in-person shopping conducted
  • Work with management to create what service is to be measured
  • Work with management on how to motivate employees to improve

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