5 reason why you should consider a website.

If you have not created a web site for you company yet, you might want to consider an avenue to reach the 3.2 billion people that are online. 191 million dollars in transactions were performed on the internet in 2014. When someone is looking for contact information for a company they are more likely to search on their laptop, tablet, or cell phone than open a phone book. If you haven’t yet, the time to act is now, here are 5 reasons your company should have a website.

1. PrintAn online presence is the best way to answer your client’s question 24 hours a day, engaging with them about your product or service on their terms. This day and age we want everything on our terms. If it is 9 pm at night and we are curious about a product or service we Google it. According to a report by GE Capital 81% of the respondents said they do online research before making a big purchase. You can close the doors and leave the office when the work day ends and still answer you prospective client’s questions about your product or service. With e commerce you can even make the sale while you are spending time with the family or in bed sleeping. A website with great engaging content will sell your company 24 hours a day 7 days a week at your customer’s convenience.

Print2. A website is the perfect tool to build credibility, trust and a reputation with potential customers. An engaging website gives them the opportunity to become familiar with your company and its products. It is the perfect medium to showcase your work and accomplishments to potential clients. Your professional image can be portrayed on a beautifully designed website. Potential clients can become comfortable with your products and services by reviewing customer testimonials, client portfolio and projects, and information about ownership and employees experience. The same information you would want to share in a sales meeting to build customer confidence and trust can be shared by your website.

Responsive web page3. When your business cards, letterhead, print ads, and commercials have a web address on them it adds credibility to your company. A creatively designed website can improve customer confidence and make you look bigger than you may actually be at this time. Even a one man shop can look like a large successful business. Not to mention you can now have a real business email. Nothing says you’re a reputable business like an email address. Owner@BusinessSoulutions.com is more impressive than owner@yahoo.com right?

meet the team4. A website can display a large amount of information that is current and can be changed at a minutes notice. New website back ends now make it easy to change your websites information through an easy to use content management system. Your website becomes an interactive, high quality 4 color brochure that lists the products and services you offer. You are not limited to a 3 panel brochure or an 8 ½ x 11 flyer. With easy updating capabilities your website becomes a place where you can advertise specials and spotlight your amazing employee and clients. You will soon be answering potential customers questions 24 hours a day and with e-commerce selling a product and collecting the payment. One distinct advantage to online sales as opposed to selling direct is people shopping online are trained to make a payment before they receive any merchandise.

dot com image5. When people ask you what you do you can give them your 15 second elevator speech. When they approach you on the street, at a networking event, or on the phone you can’t possibly tell them everything about your business. But with a website you can easily say if you would like to learn more about us you can visit our website at AwesomeBusiness.com. It can also help you cut down on lengthy radio ads and television commercials. You can give a 15 second teaser and direct them to your website address to learn more.

If you are now asking yourself why I don’t have a website, give us a call at White River Business Specialists. We can help you get connected to the World Wide Web through a website and social media. Or to learn more about us you can visit our website at www.WhiteRiverBusinessSpecialists or send an email to Gordon@WhiteRiverBusiness.com

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